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Hello, I am Noah Trammel

I have been with Chick-fil-A since 2013 and currently serve as the Director of Operations. I have been married to my beautiful wife Kaitlyn since March of 2020. I am passionate about growing both personally and professionally, serving others, and being the best steward of the time and talents you’ve been given.

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Noah Trammel
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Development Packages


Equip and Elevate


  • One on One teaching regarding what topics are desired
  • Deep dive into leadership topics
  • Topic driven and knowledge learning
  • Deliverables, activities, worksheets and PowerPoint
  • One topic per session per month
  • Personalized approach to individual progress
  • Define priorities and goals both personally and professionally
  • Identify value-add activities and actions
  • Able to include and integrate module(s) from Educate section into this category
  • Combination of knowledge, learning and applications
  • Bi-monthly 1 hour sessions
  • Assist leader in defining the problem, collecting/analyzing data, understanding behaviors and best practices, outlining an implementation plan and ensuring improvements are sustainable
  • Provide recommendation plans for implementing systems in other ares defined as problematic
  • Define legacy leadership and dive into development culture along with sustainable systems within development
  • Assist in understanding systematic solutions toward results
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